True Legal Ltd is a specialist law firm dedicated to providing expert advice on New Zealand’s gambling law and policy.

Director, Jarrod True, provides advice nationally to over a third of New Zealand’s gaming machine trusts. These trusts make community grants of approximately $275 million each year.

Jarrod is able to advise on all matters regarding gambling law compliance and is happy to assist with all dealings with the Department of Internal Affairs and local councils.

Jarrod is the author of the New Zealand Gambling Law Guide –

Jarrod True
Class 4 gambling specialist

Jarrod regularly advises clients on class 4 compliance issues. He has argued many successful Gambling Commission appeals and is familiar with all the Commission’s prior decisions and High Court and Court of Appeal decisions on class 4 matters. Jarrod has an excellent working relationship with the Department of Internal Affairs’ senior gambling compliance management team. This working relationship assists to have client matters resolved promptly and economically.

Jarrod was recently invited to speak at the Department’s regional forums. He also played a lead role in the review of the class 4 game rules. Jarrod has developed a society key person training course and a class 4 venue compliance training course. Jarrod offers refresher training for both society and venue personnel. Jarrod also provides advice on gambling apps, online gambling, racing, lotteries, raffles and poker. Jarrod graduated with first class honours in 1995.

True Legal provides the following services nationally:

  • Gambling law regulatory compliance advice.
  • Assistance in dealings with the Department of Internal Affairs.
  • Gambling Act compliance audits.
  • Gambling Act compliance training for society and venue staff (including harm minimisation training).
  • Assisting clients with submissions on matters regarding gambling law and policy.
  • Applications for territorial authority consent.
  • Applications for Ministerial consent to operate 30 gaming machines (club mergers).
  • Gaming licence applications and renewals.
  • Gambling Commission appeals.
  • Charitable trust and non-profit company formation and structure advice.
  • Assistance with obtaining approval for gambling equipment under the minimum standards requirements.
  • Judicial review of decisions made by the Department of Internal Affairs.
  • Advice regarding online gambling, gambling apps and sales promotion schemes.


The New Zealand Gambling Law Guide

The New Zealand Gambling Law Guide is a comprehensive guide to the law and policy surrounding class 4 gambling. The guide is a practical aid and essential tool for all societies and clubs that hold a class 4 operator's licence.

Class 4 Venue Compliance Manual

The Class 4 Venue Compliance Manual assists venue staff with their compliance obligations. The manual includes chapters on the 2016 class 4 game rules, section 113, section 118, licence conditions, the banking requirements, venue relocations and the harm minimisation requirements.

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The New Zealand Gambling Law Guide takes out the Lawlink BigHand / Nuance Thought Leadership Award

At the 30th Lawlink conference, the Lawlink group presented the 2016 BigHand / Nuance Thought Leadership Award to Jarrod True, for the work undertaken in producing the New Zealand Gambling Law Guide. The award recognised the innovative approach taken to customer service and the high level of positive client feedback.